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Shannon Aston

April 12, 2012

Shannon Aston is originally from New Zealand, and currently living in Seoul.
I started to spot his images appearing in our Flickr pool and decided to find out more…

“I have really pursued photography quite actively over the last 5 years since living in Seoul.  It’s an amazing place to be a creative person right now as it is producing and embracing art and its culture at an alarming rate.  The city influences me greatly with its collision of conservative and modern mindsets.  In Seoul, you can see the most modern of the modern and the oldest of the old, together in complete harmony.  To be a photographer here right now is something very special.”  ….

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“The major inspiration for me is not so much in theory or figure, but in my long lasting love of travel.  I’ve been a surfer since boyhood and have always gone looking for waves around the world, but wanted to look further afield than the somewhat limited surfing culture, so I took my camera with me and tried to extend myself beyond the beach. ”

“I travel alone in most cases and just wander through the world undisturbed, and try to see it without forcing my judgement or my own culture’s viewpoint on it.  There is a lot of emptiness in my work, but I hope it comes across as truth or beauty without  manhandling it or trying to tag some poetic verse to the setting.  I guess this approach has helped my photography develop in its own unique way, as well as coming back ‘home’  to Seoul each time and using what the city has given me.”

To see more of Shannon’s work go to-

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