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Steamy Press

January 25, 2013

Big thanks to everyone that turned up to the show on Wednesday or helped out in any way…
We had a great selection of work on offer from the likes of Create Publishing, Editions, PikMagazine, Splash and Grab, and we had a library full of some amazing other titles.

We received a last minute package from Steamy Press featuring Stephanie Mills ‘Everything Sucks’ and Steve Messer’s ‘London’, and although Steve couldn’t make it to the event, you can see he has some big plans for 2013.
Another surprise appearance came in the form of ‘Dirty Hands’ from Ian Bird, Curator of 5on1

Keep reading to for a sneak peak and make sure to add all of the above links to you bookmarks….

Unfortunately due to weather we’ve had some late submissions that did’nt make it for the show,
If you still havent seen you zine appear, we will make sure to give everything a full feature ASAP.

Stay tuned for photos from the event and make sure to look out for new OGA releases shortly…

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