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Album Magazine Issue #4

April 21, 2013

The guys at Album Magazine recently contacted OGA to let us know that submissions are now open for their 4th issue, ‘Back to Nature’

We’re pretty certain that there’s plenty of you out there whose images fit the criteria, so keep reading for the details and head over to Album Magazine to get involved…

“The green, the organic, the sprawling, the modelled after nature, the re-naturalised and re-planted, the extracted, the naturally sorted, the utopia of nature, the domesticized and rearranged nature, the sublime, the naturally isolated, the untamable, the rooted.

2013: back to nature. Ever present are the lumberjack shirts and the continuously growing beards. The desire for nature, for something primordial, seems omnipresent. Off the beaten tracks of familiar coffee-table books (“Our wild …”, “Beautiful …”, “On the way through …” etc.), artistic photography referring to this subject area becomes this issue’s focus of attention. What is photography able to add besides the sheer act of documenting nature? What is striking about photography of plants, trees and landscapes beyond mere beauty and sublimeness? How can nature be art today? How artificial is nature? What significance do terms like “genuinity” and “nativeness of nature” carry in this context?”

For more info on how to submit, click the above image and head over to

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