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Patrick Coughlan – ‘CONCRETE ISLAND’

June 26, 2013

Patrick Coughlan is a Bristol based visual artist, whose practice is broadly concerned with landscape, employing both analogue and digital technologies in his work. Interested in the way in which humans shape and affect the environment, Patrick’s work examines the man-altered landscape. Informed by his experience as a printmaker, signage, text and graphic motifs often feature strongly within his images, utilising the language that we employ to mark and navigate the built environment.

Patrick is currently exhibiting his work at The Island in a personal show entitled ‘Concrete Island’. When describing this work he explains:

“‘Concrete Island’ explores our relationship with the city, looking at the spaces we build and inhabit, and at the graphic language we use to define, and navigate the built environment.”

Opening: 21st – 27th June. 11am – 6pm (Sunday 11am – 4pm)

The Island Gallery
Bridewell Street
Bristol City Centre

Extra info can be found here:

To see more of Patrick Coughlan’s work head here:

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