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OGA Flickr Pool

July 29, 2013


It’s been a while since we’ve posted a set of images taken from our Flickr Pool. So now it’s time we showed it a bit of love. As per usual our Flickr Pool has been receiving a wide range of images displaying multiple disciplines and styles, and also as per usual we’ve  seen some weird and wonderful images that offer the viewer and insight into what is capturing the gaze of contemporary photographers.

Above image by Anna Tea

To see a further set of images selected from ONE GIANT ARM’S Flickr Pool 

Takuroh Toyama

Above image by Takuroh Toyama

Above image by Hlib Velyhorskyi

Simon Kossoff

Above image by Simon Kossoff

Chih Hsien Chen

Above image by Chih Hsien Chen

juliette gaudino

Above image by Juliette Gaudino


Above image by Cole Michael Carter

45rpm's eye


Above image by 45rpm’s Eye

Martin De Martin

Above image by Martin De Martin

If you want to submit work to our Flickr Pool head over HERE.

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