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Oleg Koval

August 2, 2013


Oleg Koval is a photographer currently based in Poland. He recently contacted OGA to share his work. He was born in Dier, Hungary, spending his childhood in Truskavets (Ukraine). After finishing at the Institute of Physics and Maths in Drohobych, Ukraine he has moved to Lviv andis currently working in IT sphere. We have chosen to share with you his project titled ‘4,2km’. When describing this work Oleg explains:

‘When you have to live for a long time in Lodz, in spite of the beauty of the city and its architecture, you begin to notice a different side of it, more conventional, but no less intense and meaningful.

Lodz is different from other cities of Poland and other European cities, Lodz is youth, student city. Most of the photos have been taken on the same street (or streets adjacent to it), the length of which is about 4.2 km – it is the main artery of the city — Piotrkowska street.

The purpose of these frames is try to isolate subjects, moments, circumstances, to become closer to them and leave them etched in the memory. Also, there are few photos from other cities in the book.’

To see more from Oleg Koval’s ‘4,2km’ series 










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