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Anna Block and Konstantin Ladvishchenko

August 6, 2013




We featured Moscow based photographer, Anna Block back in March. The experimental analogue self portraits she sent over received a positive response and she’s been in touch with us again to share a collaborative project she has embarked on with Konstantin Ladvishchenko entitled ‘Black Red’. When describing this work she explained:

‘Moscow winters – sullen and grey, penetrating with damp to the very bones, corroding from inside, viscous and infinite as an obscure recurring hangover dream where two people want to catch each other but just endlessly move away…

It‘s unbearable to look at it, but this reality seems stronger than their will, and in search of salvation they turn their tenacious looks at each other, they stick, clutch, pierce.. They have no choice but to maniacally observe and absorb each other and move fast to warm up in these icy evenings in waiting for a spring, light..’

To see more from Anna Block and Konstantin Ladvishchenko’s collaborative project 









More From Anna Block here

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