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Petros Koublis – ‘Intra’

August 28, 2013


Petros Koublis’ (Born in 1981) relationship with photography started in 2000, after having dedicated some of his adolescent years in painting. He studied photography in an Athens’ institute developed his style through personal exploration.

Petros has been working as a professional photographer since 2004, mainly focussing on fashion photography and portraiture, cooperating with magazines, both in Greece and abroad.  He recently got in touch with us to share a project titled ‘Intra’.

When describing this work he told us:

‘We shape the space around us based on who we are, trying to establish a stable sense of familiarity with the world around us, a world that otherwise is bound to remain distant and constantly fleeting. But it’s even more than that, as this familiar environment remains approachable in a rather personal way, something only our own feelings can relate with, projecting an artificial equivalent of a private, yet compromised utopia.’

These spaces are always meant to be efficiently functional, being a constant reference that eventually influences every part of our life. And it is this functionality that keeps them exposed to every change that takes place inside us, through our social or personal life. As a result they’re always governed by an unspecific number of variables, many of which will stay undefined, as their origin remains that distant fleeting world across.

The complexity of these spaces could only be just a superficial impression, once the intention of such structures is to actually achieve a state of simplicity.  But what at first could have been the product of reason it ends up being the result of instinct, shaped by our involuntary reflexes, as we move around our protected indoor spaces, day after day, in a repetition that gradually overtakes the illusion of who we think we are and reveals the nature of who we really are.

The photographs of this series are exploring such spaces and the details within, 
following the traces of ourselves around them and the remains of these spaces themselves through time.’

To see more from Petros Koublis’ ‘Intra’ project 










To see more from Petros Koublis head over to

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