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Graham Meyer

September 5, 2013


Graham Meyer is a Graphic Designer turned Photographer who was born in Detroit and has been based in Thailand for the last two and a half years. Graham studied graphic design in University and became sick of the stock photography he had to use for his projects. This made him want to get out and shoot more interesting things. This obsession with photography eventually shifted his practice until he began to forget the design work altogether.

We asked Graham what makes him pick up an camera and he told us:

‘I want to take honest photos. When I say honest, I mean things that aren’t staged or planned. Things that just happen. The moment I pick up my camera and aim it at someone everything changes. When someone is aware they’re being watched they act differently. I have to be quick or sneaky. So it’s fucking hard to take photos that are honest, but that’s what drives me to take them.’

To see more from Graham Meyer 









Head over to to view more of Graham Meyer’s photography.

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