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‘Stupefy’ Goes To Poland

October 21, 2013

Stupefy 2 Flyer

ONE GIANT ARM are proud to announce that we will be taking The’Stupefy’ Group Photo and Zine Exhibition out to Gdansk, Poland next month. We are extending the open call for submissions until the 5th November. THIS TIME SUBMITTED WORK NEEDS TO BE MAILED TO OUR FRIENDS IN POLAND THE ADDRESS:

Krzysztof Chaos-Olechnowicz

OGA Stupefy 2 Exhibition

ul.Więckowskiego 1/46

80-809 Gdańsk


If you couldn’t to get a submission to us here in Bristol, you have another opportunity to be part of this group exhibition and this time it’s in Poland!!!!!

If you want to see pictures of the first round of ‘Stupefy’ here in Bristol, U.K you can by checking out our Facebook page HERE and HERE.

The second installment of ‘Stupefy’ will be taking place on the 8th November at Cafe Lamus, Lawendowa 8, · Gdansk, Poland · 80-040.

Stay tuned for updates.

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