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Cristobal Traslaviña Berrios

October 23, 2013


We’ve not really been pushing the web site side of things recently as we’ve been trying to make the shift from web based out puts to more real world situations. We’re attempting to make a tactical retreat from incessant posting online introducing viewers to the newest photographers but we will still be posting work, projects and news from the inbox that captures our imagination.

In this vain we would like to introduce Cristobal Traslaviña Berrios, a Chilean Artist Photographer who sent us his work back in August. When describing his approach to photography Cristobal explains:

‘How to document the world without sacrificing to take a position, my own, in this world?

My job is not to look at the world, but to find a way to be in it. I feel much more at home camouflaged and protected in the dark side of life. Getting ready on the side of hard drugs and pleasures disfigured, denying morality set by society. 

My way of seeing and capturing that wild, homeless uprooted, causing the sensation of fragility in an environment that presents hostile: the world of the night, drugs and prostitution.’

Cristobal  sent us over a set of images titled Resiliencia and told us:

‘To rebound: 

It has been more than forty years since the photographic theory imposed the photo as memory of the absent, and it seems that all image point to an “aestheticization” of everything that is portrayed, anything when is converted in an image is meaningless. How then, should be the images that are not meant to turn the body in an empty space? Is it possible a representation that does not become an aesthetic regulation?’

To see more from Cristobal Traslaviña Berrios 

Cristobal-Traslavina 10





Cristobal traslaviña29




To see more from Cristobal Traslaviña Berrios head here:

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