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Disposable? (Film Exchange Project)

Over the last ten months OGA have been sending and receiving cameras to and from creatives spread around the world.

Contributors were challenged to produce a series of photographs limited only by the restraints of a disposable camera.  By mailing the unprocessed film each photographer was unable to censor or edit their final outcome .  The resulting images have demonstrated that the production of credible and experimental imagery is possible without the need for expensive equipment.

The success of this project has proved that creative collaboration on an international level is still viable using traditional methods.

Featured photographers

 Jai Tanju                                                Yura Matiyun                                     Olman Torres

Alex Morvan                                        Jeremy Tubbs                                     Unknown


Jake Rheinhart                              Florencia Scaglione                         Darko Marjanović


Sam Milianta                                    Tim Johnson                                     K.Koizumi – Hot Fudge


Franck Doussot                             A Mad Tea Party                                Brad Westcott


Brandon Fonville                          Mar Shro                                               Jordan Swartz

Matt Patterson                                Pedro Pinto Basto                            Zach Fudge

Krzysztof Chaos                              Nathaniel Grann                                 Aaron Canipe

Yannick Vallet                                Patricia Karallis                             Alison Sallis/Ellie Duckett

Dimitri Karakostas                     Shawn Whisenant                              George Scane


Joe Williams                                   Ian Chittick                                   Tommy Sussex

Dado Dilas                                       Paul Kwiatkowski

Zine Features selected work from the Disposable? Project. Available Here

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